Salary Cap Baseball – Week 6

I bet Josh Hamilton owners are just as excited as Tim Tebow was to join the New York Jets.  Hamilton has accumulated 68 points in the last 7 days for his ESPN Baseball Challenge owners.  Going into the final two game days of this week, he sits atop the total point standings for position players with 187. Matt Kemp is in a distant second with 163.  These guys are in a league of their own.  By comparison most of the MLB All-Stars are in the 130’s.  Surprisingly the current leader of the Weekly Format, rexxe25, has neither on his team.

I am going to continue grinding it out with my tight-aggressive salary cap style.  I am keeping my lineup exactly the same going into Week 6.

C:  Mike Napoli – TEX $4.6 (MKT $4.9) – You may want a catcher named Carlos but I am sticking with Mike.  Carlos Santana – CLE ($5.5) has been the most productive catcher over the last 7 days.  Carlos Ruiz – PHI ($4.5), despite a jammed left hand, jumped up $0.3 after another all-star week.  Ruiz is still affordable.  Don’t ignore me two weeks in a row.

1B: Adrian Gonzalez – BOS $5.2 ($5.3) – My patience was reward with the most product first base performance over the last 7 days.  Hopefully he won’t lose any time to David Ortiz (DH) when the Red Sox travel to Philadelphia.  Adam LaRoche – WAS ($4.2) is back on track.  He dropped $0.3 after last week so the time to buy is now.  Ignore Ike Davis – NYM ($4.3).

2B: Ian Kinsler – TEX $5.0 ($5.9) – Still the points leader at 2B.  Dustin Predroia finally woke up racking up 43 points over the last 7 days.  Last week’s recommendation, Omar Infante – MIA ($4.8), put up a solid 24 points for owner’s looking for value at second.

3B: Chase Headley – SD $5.0 ($5.0) – Headley had a lack luster week and it may not get better next week.  San Diego plays @WAS, LAD, & LAA.  Brandon Inge – OAK ($3.3) and Will Middlebrooks – BOS ($4.0) put up 44 and 36 respectively over the last week.  Inge was and All-Star in 2009 and is still cheap enough to hold off on for another week.  Middlebrooks just tweaked a hammy and has veterans to contend with.  I am keeping Headley for long term appeal.

SS: Zack Cozart – CIN $3.5 ($4.2) – Cozart continues to grind out 20+ point weeks.  At $3.5 I won’t be letting go anytime soon.  J.J. Hardy – BAL ($4.9) put up an impressive 38 and Elvis Andrus – TEX ($5.2) was the beneficiary of Josh Hamilton’s home run production.  At $4.2 I still believe Cozart is the best value at SS.

LF: Melky Cabrera – SF $4.6 ($5.4) –   Another grinder that I have had since opening day.  Alejandro De Aza – CHW ($5.1) is the only other long term LF you won’t have to break the bank for.  Raul Ibanez – NYY ($4.0) is making the most of his starts for the Bronx Bombers.

CF: Matt Kemp – LAD $5.3 ($6.1) – Still the top dog at CF.  While I am not endorsing Bryce Harper – WAS (LF) I do see immediate value in 20 year old rookie Mike Trout – LAA ($4.0).  I am the proud owner of Trout in my keeper league.  He has 30 points over the last 7 days in Baseball Challenge.  Only Adam Jones – BAL ($5.5) had more points with 36.

RF: Andre Ethier – LAD $4.8 ($5.2) –  I missed the boat on Carlos Beltran so I am keeping Ether.  Jason Heyward – ATL ($4.9) was a great call last week.  He and Nick Markakis – BAL ($4.8) are still affordable for owners needing to make a move after Jason Werth’s broken wrist.  Josh Reddick – OAK ($4.2) had the best week at RF with 51 points. He is 4th in total points for right fielders.  He is a solid value buy for owners looking to upgrade at another position.

DH:  Edwin Encarnacion $4.7 ($5.7) – I will take 22 points every week.  Adam Dunn – CHW ($5.4) took over the points lead at DH with a solid 41 points over the last 7 days. Allen Craig – STL ($4.7) is back in action and finished right behind Dunn with 37.

PS: Los Angeles Dodgers $7.3 ($7.5)  – Finally a solid week out of the LAD PS.  During the past 7 days only the Rangers (158) and the Marlins (144) pitched for more points than the Dodgers (128).  No inter-league action for the team that is 3rd in total points.  They face ARZ, @SD, and STL.

Total Cost of Ownership $50.0 – 1463 Total Points (86.5 Percentile)

Don’t forget Moms are priceless in all formats.  Happy Mother’s Day!

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