The Top 5 Under 5 in ESPN Baseball Challenge – Week 10

There are only 4 weeks left in the first half of ESPN Baseball Challenge.  After the MLB All-Star break, fantasy owners playing’s version of salary cap baseball will have to reselect their starting lineups.  With about a month left before the break, it’s time to drop your injured players and underperforming superstars. ESPN Baseball Challenge owners should loosen up a bit and take a couple of chances.  It’s time to be aggressive, free up some cap space, and climb up the leader boards with these 5 Under 5.

The criteria that I am using for the 5 Under 5 is simple:

  1. The player’s current market value must be under $5.0
  2. The player must be starting on less than 5% of ESPN Baseball Challenge entries

The intent is to rule out the some of the more obvious names, like Mike Trout and Mark Trumbo, that are already grabbing everyone’s attention.  These are the Top 5 players under $5.0, and they are missing from far too many Baseball Challenge lineups.

In case you haven’t noticed, Allen Craig is back from the DL.  Photo Courtesy of

The Top 5 Under 5 in ESPN Baseball Challenge for Week 10:

1. Allen Craig DH – STL ($4.6 / 2.2%): Craig is currently on only 2.2% of Baseball Challenge Entries.  I get it.  He just came off the DL,  but he was only $4.3 last week!  Now he’s back and better than ever.  Craig has produced more points (33) than any other batter so far this week.  According to ESPN Fantasy Writer Tristan H. Cockroft “Craig has managed .302/.353/.541 lifetime triple-slash rates with 21 homers and 80 RBIs in 136 games, numbers that might vault him into the top 50 on this list if not for his health risk”.

2. Bryce Harper LF – WSH ($4.8 / 4.3%): Harper has been on fire this month.  The only two left fielders with more points than Harper over the last 15 days are Carlos Gonzalez (COL) and Alfonso Soriano (CHC).  The 19-year-old rookie is now hitting .310 with 3 home runs and 7 RBI over this last 10 games.  He is a solid play as long as he reduces the frequency of self-inflicted wounds.

3. Willin Rosario C – COL ($4.1 / 2.4%): Rosario has been a huge help for the Rockies during Ramon Hernadez’s absence.  He may not see much time after the All-Star break, but we only need him for another 4 weeks.  Russell Martin NYY ($4.5) is heating up, but Rosario gives you more salary cap room.

4. Kyle Seager 3B – SEA ($4.8 / 4.2%): There is plenty of value available at third base, but Seager stands out from the rest of the crowd.  In his last 8 games, he is batting .371 (13 for 35) with 2 homers, 8 runs and 11 RBI.  Seager is 7th in total points for third baseman and has the 2nd most points (53) over the last 15 days.

5. Lucas Duda RF – NYM ($4.6 / 1.3%): Duda has been killing the ball lately.  He has gone 11 for his last 31 with 5 HR and 13 RBI.  Until Nick Markakis comes back from the DL the 5th spot is Duda’s.

I’m so confident in each of these guys that I am including all but Lucas Duda in the GoPro 2.0 lineup this week.  What do you think? Is there anyone missing from the list?  Anyone that doesn’t deserve to be included?  Please share your thoughts.

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Thanks for reading & best of luck this week!

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