5 Winning Laws for Adapting to Change in Fantasy Sports

The best fantasy sports players adjust effectively to change.  They excel at acquiring information, interpreting it, and revising their strategy.  Winners do everything they can to learn how their situation is shifting and then alter their strategies to whatever new circumstances require.  Whether it’s reaching early for a sleeper in a draft, pulling the trigger on a season saving trade, or simply selecting weekly starters, winners adapt to change by processing information and acting decisively.

In Chapter 22 of Poker Winners are Different, Alan N. Schoonmaker, PH.D. discusses how poker winners adjust effectively to change. Like poker, fantasy games are ever-changing.  You can’t win without strategically adjusting to short- and long-term changes.

In order to help fantasy players improve their ability to handle change, I have listed (and adapted) Schoonmaker’s 5 winning laws for effectively adjusting to change.

5 Winning Laws for Adapting to Change in Fantasy Sports:

1. Accept that the only constant is change.

You may not like the fact, but it is unquestionably true.  If you deny that reality, you will certainly get some nasty surprises.

2. Ask frequently: “How is my game changing?”

Watch SportsCenter and read articles online to follow trends in the real version of your favorite fantasy game.  Continually monitor your league and the way your opponents adapt to injuries, trades, and bye weeks.  Learn your opponents’ situations and intentions.  The goal is to collect the information you need to discover or create an edge.

3. Think frequently how to adjust to these changes.

Don’t wait until the last moment.  Instead, think ahead, planning the specific actions you will take and the time and way you will take them.

4. Develop the knowledge and skills you need before you need them.

You can’t win tomorrow’s battle with yesterday’s weapons and strategies. Don’t wait until change has passed you by, and then try to catch up. Anticipate tomorrow’s demands and get ready for them in advance.  Force your opponent’s to catch up to you.

The more you know, and the less they know, the lower your risks and the greater your edge.

5. When you see the need to change, do it!

Recognizing the need for change is the essential first step, but it’s worthless without decisive action.  No matter how reluctant you are, you must make those changes!

Bottom line…

“You can’t win without adjusting to the way the game is changing.”

Matt Lessinger
Author and Professional Poker Player

Winners are better at managing risk and information.  They have the patience and courage to do the unpleasant things that losers won’t do.  They control their reactions to feelings, focus on the right issues, and act decisively.  Winners are more motivated and disciplined, especially when it comes to adapting to change.

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