Winning Quotes – Mike Caro

“Your lifetime profit will be the sum of your good decisions minus the sum of your bad decisions.”

Mike Caro
Professional Poker Player and Author

In poker your profit is easy to quantify. At the end of a game, the number of chips you have and their associated value allows you to easily measure your results.  In fantasy sports profit could mean winning a week, The Shiva Bowl Trophy, and/or taking home some cold hard cash.

Justin Verlander and the Detroit Tigers are heading to Tropicana Field to take on the Tampa Bay Rays and David Price. Only one of these aces will record a win. The other will have to focus on long-term results. THE ASSOCIATED PRESS; CHRIS URSO/STAFF

Winning fantasy managers know every scoring period is a new one. If they lose a week, they forget about it and don’t dwell on the past.

I admit it’s easier said then it’s done, especially when losing really does hurt.  It makes your stomach churn, changes your blood pressure, constricts thousands of muscles and causes physical and mental anguish. It’s how we handle losing that make us champions.

The next scoring period could be the one that you win.  You’re always starting fresh; each week, each season is a new opportunity. Just play your best and focus on making the right decisions.

Remember that the players on the field aren’t smart enough to decide whether your streak will last or not; it’s how you play that will decide your fate.

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