Don’t be the sucker in your league! Check out this article from Out of Rounds writer Mike Scala.

Fantasy sports, poker, and winning quotes. It doesn’t get any better.

By Mike Scala

Every few months or so I’m invited to a friendly game of Texas Hold’em and the pots
are roughly a few hundred dollars.  Nothing to break the bank, but enough to make
the game competitive for most. Often my take on Hold’em is you play the cards your
dealt.  It’s a simple guideline in many ways, but most don’t follow the simple things
that make all the difference. Although, admittedly when I see the flop, sometimes
I overextend for that one card I may get on ‘the river’ that changes my fortunes.
Depending on how others bet if there isn’t much more money to lose, I’ll see ‘the
river’ or last card and then bet yet again. This reminds me of a quote made by Matt
Damon’s character in the movie Rounders, “Listen, here’s the thing. If you can’t spot the sucker in the first half…

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