6 Reasons You’ll Win Your Fantasy Football League

My fantasy football season is over.  I’ve traded away all of my upside and I have more bench points than the rest of my league combined.  I honestly have a better chance of dating Pilar Lastra than I do of winning a championship this year.

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But what else is new?

Every year it seems like the same group of guys makes the playoffs.  They aren’t necessarily more skillful or talented than I am – I mean I’m the one writing about fantasy football for cryin’ out loud!

So I guess it all boils down to luck…Right?


If I was actually being honest with myself I’d realize that my odds of winning would improve immensely if I played more like you.

I may not have a shot at a title this season, but I’m willing to bet there are at least 6 Reasons You’ll Win Your Fantasy Football League.

Unlike me…

1. You prepare thoroughly – It all started this offseason.  You were a mock draft machine.  You made your own ranking sheets and dominated your draft by adopting the Late Round Quarterback strategy.  Unfortunately for the rest of your league, you always do your homework.

2. You show genuine interest in your team – You’re enthusiastic every time you talk about fantasy football. You may have started the season 0-3, but you don’t dwell on the past.  You keep your roster updated and you work the waiver wire no matter what.

3. You process information quickly – You not only have access to the best fantasy analysis available, you also process information quickly and act decisively.

4. You’re tactful – You’re assertive, not overly aggressive nor too passive.  You also have a few tricks up your sleeve when it comes to making trades and working the waiver wire. You always operate from a position of strength.

5. You’re confident and poised – You control your emotions.  You realize injuries are unavoidable and losing streaks are inevitable.  You never panic because you always account for poor decisions and downside risk. – Read more about The Margin of Safety at FantasyDouche.com

6. You evaluate yourself objectively – You’re brutally realistic. You never let luck’s short-term effects delude your perception of your own abilities. You know how to depersonalize conflict and you never blame your opponents’ mistakes for your failures.

Still think you can’t win your fantasy football league?

You don’t have to possess all of the qualities I mentioned above to be successful.  Just remember that “the biggest difference between winners and losers is that losers do what makes them comfortable, but winners do whatever gets the best long-term results”. – Alan N. Schoonmaker, PH.D. (Poker Winners Are Different)

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Thanks for reading!