Marry, Cheat, Dump – Week 11 Featured Writer – Marcus Katkin is back to help you work through some of your fantasy football relationship woes.

He’s going to discuss a few players that you should Marry (hold on to and start for the foreseeable future), Cheat with (players that you should start because of their recent production but feel dirty in doing so) and Dump (people you should trade away or drop).

Marry, Cheat, Dump – Week 11

QBs (Carson Palmer, Russell Wilson, Eli Manning)

Marry – Carson Palmer

Carson has been the model of consistency this year. Like your High School sweetheart, he’s always there for you.

With only 1 game this year with single digit fantasy points you can rely on him to get you 15-18 fantasy points without worry. He’s on pace for 4,800 yards this year which would be a career high and there’s no reason he won’t reach it.

From now until week 15 he faces some easy throwing matchups. First, the Saints (32nd against opposing QBs), then the Bengals (21st), Browns (24th), Broncos (13th), and Chiefs (26th). Those are some great matchups to exploit throughout your playoff run. If he’s still on your waiver wire you need to go pick him up!

Cheat – Russell Wilson

Josh Freeman 2.0 should be Russell Wilson’s new nickname. They are basically mirror images of each other – young QBs on run first teams that somehow put up huge fantasy points despite not throwing the ball that much each game.

In the last three games he’s thrown 7 TDs and has 51 fantasy points despite averaging less than 200 yards passing per game and only 26 pass attempts. His 51 points is more than Drew Brees over the last 3 games (50).

He’s got a bye week this week but then faces a Dolphins defense that is one of the top run defenses in the league but also 22nd against opposing QBs. Expect them to slow down Marshawn Lynch and make Wilson throw on them. He’s got a very tough schedule after the Miami game so plan on this being one of your last chances to take advantage of him.

Dump – Eli Manning

Sigh. He was in the dump section of last week’s article too.

But I know that some of us like a little abuse in our relationships and just can’t let him go. Stop being the victim in this relationship and let him go. Let go of what he did last season. Let go of how high you drafted him. Take all you pre-season notes on him and just put them in a small trash bucket and burn all the memories of a lost season with Eli.

Three straight weeks of 5 or less fantasy points. In fact Blaine Gabbert, yes… Blaine Gabbert, has outscored Eli almost 4 to 1 in the last 3 games (37-10).

RBs (CJ Spiller, Ahmad Bradshaw, Felix Jones)

Marry – CJ Spiller

Did you know that despite splitting carries with Fred Jackson for the majority of the year, CJ Spiller only has 2 weeks where he hasn’t scored double-digit fantasy points in standard scoring and one of those games was against a tough 49ers defense?

Now it’s looking like Fred Jackson has a concussion and may miss some time. All Spiller did as the lead back this year is 364 total yards, 3 TDs and 50 fantasy points in those 2 games.

He is dynamic and Jackson is not getting any younger (32 in February). Expect the Bills to use this injury to Jackson to feature Spiller again and his 7.3 YPC average this year.

He’s got a tough matchup against the Dolphins this week but then hits gold in weeks 12-14 playing the Colts (27th most fantasy points allowed to RBs), Jaguars (30th) and Rams (19th).

Do not be surprised to get Jamaal Charles like production out of him from here on out and all next year.

Cheat – Felix Jones

I’ve never liked Felix Jones. He could never handle a full workload, was always getting hurt and just could not be trusted. But then again, after enough drinks even the ugliest girl in the bar starts to look good, right?

Well, Felix Jones is the new ugliest girl in the bar. You watched your buddies pick up the pretty girls (Vick Ballard, Andre Brown, Daryl Richardson) and you got stuck with the Cowboys backup RB.

Jones is averaging 10 points per game as the starter in Dallas and has been getting plenty of work in the passing game. He’s producing well, and with no timetable set for Murray, could remain the guy for another couple of weeks.

Keep making Jones your weekly Sunday afternoon booty call until Murray returns to the lineup.

Dump – Ahmad Bradshaw

While the Giants continue to say that Bradshaw’s injury to his foot is nothing to be concerned with and that he’ll keep playing every Sunday, there are warning signs that say you should end it now while you still can.

Bradshaw is missing more and more practices over the last couple weeks and more importantly, is seeing a decrease in carries each week. 22 carries in week 8, 15 carries in week 9, 10 carries in week 10.

Also, he’s losing goal line carries to Andre Brown who now has at least 1 TD in all but 1 game he’s played in this year and is tied with Ray Rice, Doug Martin, and Adrian Peterson for 2nd most rushing touchdowns this year.

This injury looks worrisome and you should look to deal him now while he still has value.

WRs (Denarius Moore, Torrey Smith, Brandon Lloyd)

Marry – Denarius Moore

As I mentioned above, Palmer is throwing for more yards than ever before and someone has to be on the receiving end.

Moore has quietly been producing quite while having scored a TD in 4 of his last 5 games and 5 of his last 7. He’s also had at least 4 receptions in 7 of 8 games this year. The only game he didn’t get at least 4 receptions was his first game back from his injury.

He’ll have pretty smooth sailing from here until week 15. Moore’s a cheap date that you should be able to pick up for a low-end WR2 or RB2 and get good WR1 value.

Cheat – Sidney Rice

Man, I am taking the easy route this week with my WRs.

Taking the top WR to my Marry and Cheat QBs I discussed above. Look at the TDs Rice has been putting up.

Five TDs in 5 weeks, scoring in 4 of his last 5 games. His only game without a TD was against a very tough 49ers defense – Can’t blame him there. While the yards haven’t been there for him, only averaging 55/game, he is getting the TDs.

Dump – Brandon Lloyd

Brandon Lloyd. Oh, Brandon Lloyd.

You were supposed to play the Randy Moss deep-threat role for a high-powered offense with a Hall of Fame QB. Two Years ago you were the #1 fantasy WR for Tim Tebow and Kyle Orton throwing you the ball. What happened?

Surely Tom Brady is an improvement over Tebow, right? RIGHT?!? What a disappointment you’ve been. Only 1 100+ yard game this year and only 2 games with a TD. Not exactly what you expected from your 5th or 6th round pick that was going to be on the field every snap with Tom Brady.

Since week 4 he’s only averaging a little over 3 receptions per game for only 40 yards per game. 40!

Lloyd is like the girl that you go on date after date with thinking, “Tonight’s the night. This is going to be it…” only to return home heart-broken with only a cold shower to console you.

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