Marry, Cheat, Dump – Week 12 Featured Writer – Marcus Katkin is like the Dr. Phil of fantasy football relationships.

He’s got his own show here on GoProFantasySports each week where he discusses a few players that you should Marry (hold on to and start for the foreseeable future), Cheat with (players that you should start because of their recent production but feel dirty in doing so) and Dump (players you should trade away or drop).

So without further ado, here’s Week 12’s episode of Marry, Cheat, Dump

QBs (Tony Romo, Cam Newton, Matthew Stafford)

Marry – Cam Newton

Will Cam finally reward those that were willing to commit?

It’s been tough to love anything about Cam Newton this year. His inconsistent play has definitely hurt his fantasy owners.

Believe it or not, Cam has actually produced double-digit fantasy points in each of his last 5 games and at least 15 in 3 of the last 5.

His schedule over the next couple weeks looks very favorable; at Philly (allowing 20th most points to opposing QBs), at Kansas City (23rd), vs. Atlanta (9th), at San Diego (17th) and vs. Oakland (30th).

While the 9th ranked Atlanta secondary may look like a bad matchup it really isn’t. You can run on Atlanta and Newton lit them up earlier this year for 86 rushing yards and 30 fantasy points.

Just like the girls at final call – he may not be pretty, but he’s a sure thing down the stretch.

Cheat – Tony Romo

For all the talk about how bad Romo is as a real life QB, he’s been very consistent for fake football owners.

He’s scored at least 14 fantasy points in each of his last 6 games. While he’s never scored more than 20 during this span, this is the type of consistency you want from a QB through the playoffs.

This week vs. a soft Washington pass D (25th), next week he’s against a Philly pass defense that has just phoned it in for the year (20th) then Week 16 against the Saints (32nd) defense that I could pass on. Spot start him in these 3 games and lock it in for at least 16-18 points with some upside.

Dump – Matthew Stafford

It’s very disappointing to see Stafford coming off his worst fantasy game of the year against Green Bay in what should have been a shootout.

Combine this with his upcoming schedule vs. Houston (9th), Week 14 at the Frozen Tundra again against Green Bay, Week 15 at Arizona (5th) and Week 16 vs. Atlanta (9th) – 3 top 10 pass defenses in the next 5 weeks and another game against Green Bay in their stadium will not bode well for Stafford.

Trade him now before the deadline while you still can.

RBs (Stevan Ridley, LeSean McCoy, Ronnie Hillman)

Marry – Ronnie Hillman 

How can I want to marry a rookie that has never started an NFL game? I must be crazy, right?

Learn how you can leverage your kicker to acquire Denver’s new starting RB with this savvy fantasy football move.

Well Broncos running backs have had a total of 293 touches this year. That’s 29.3 per game.

Assuming the split between Hillman and Lance Ball remains at 65/35, Hillman will get 16 carries and 3 receptions per game on average.

Combine the potential for 20 touches a game with his upcoming schedule at Kansas City (27th vs. opposing RBs), vs. Tampa Bay (17th), at Oakland (30th), at Baltimore (24th) and vs. Cleveland (20th) and you’ve got fantasy gold.

Go get him while you still can!

Cheat – LeSean McCoy

McCoy suffered a concussion on Sunday and his status for week 12 is uncertain. Depending on his fantasy owner’s record he may be looking to win now and dump him for pennies on the dollar.

Before his concussion, McCoy had 6 straight games with double-digit fantasy points. Assuming he misses this week, his upcoming schedule is at Dallas (18th), at Tampa Bay (17th), and vs. Cincinnati (22nd).

Great teams for him to run on and with a rookie QB they may rely on him more in the ground game and in check down passes.

Dump – Stevan Ridley

If I told you that there’s a running back that faces 3 top 6 run defenses all in consecutive weeks, and was potentially in a time share on a pass first team what would you do with him?

This may be a week too late, but get out from under Ridley while you still can.

He’s the 7th ranked fantasy RB this season and can surely get you something of considerable value in trade. His almost equal split of carries with Shane Vereen and his incredible hard upcoming schedule is all you need to know to bail now!

He’s got an easy matchup this week at the Jets, but then he faces Miami (6th), Houston (2nd) and San Francisco (1st)!

WRs (Dez Bryant, Eric Decker, Percy Harvin)

Marry – Dez Bryant

Dez is back!

After stinking up the place almost all season Dez has poured it on the last 2 weeks! In the last 2 weeks he leads all Dallas wide receivers in targets, receptions, yards and touchdowns.

Does Dez deserve a second chance?

Not only does Dez have a very favorable schedule, but 4 of his next 5 games are at home where Dez is unstoppable!

He loves the Dallas turf! – Don’t believe me?

Check out his per game average at home (7.75 receptions and 105.5 yards) vs. away (4 receptions and 52 yards).

He thrives at home on the turf and with those 4 out of 5 games in Dallas you can bank on some more 100+ yard games during the fantasy playoffs!

Cheat – Eric Decker

Hard to trust Eric Decker when his last 2 games have yielded him 4 receptions and 38 yards…combined!

He was a force to be reckoned with in the weeks leading up to these two disastrous games.

Nothing has changed though. Peyton is still Peyton, and Decker is still getting the Red Zone targets so no need to panic, he’ll turn it around.

He faces pass defenses that are 15th or worst in each of the next 5 games!

With the addition of a rookie RB, the Broncos could see themselves actually throwing more resulting in more opportunities for Decker.

Stick with him throughout his easy schedule. Decker is a boom or bust WR so you have to ride the ups with the downs.

Just hold on tight and enjoy the ride!

Dump – Percy Harvin

Things aren’t looking any better for Percy Harvin owners.

Percy was a perennial top 5 WR through most of the season and now, sadly, he’s in my dump column.

Harvin is no stranger to lingering injuries. We all remember his battle with migraines his first few years in the league.

You had to watch the inactive/active list each week to know if he was a go. It was very frustrating and nerve wrecking not knowing if he was going to be in your lineup until the last moment.

Now, we are back to more of the same with his injured ankle.

His upcoming schedule is sure to cause havoc for an inept Christian Ponder and the Vikings passing game. In the next 5 weeks they face 3 top 10 pass defenses, the Packers at Green Bay and the Texans scary pass rush at Houston.

If you thought Ponder was bad the first half of the season, you haven’t seen anything yet. We may get to see Joe Webb before the season is out.

About the Author – Marcus Katkin has been playing Fantasy Football for the past 20 years. He recently joined the team of trusted advisors at  If you need help with your fantasy football relationships – send your start/sit questions and grade the trades to him on Twitter @MarcusKatkin