The Wonderful World of Fantasy Basketball

Basketball has continued to grow in popularity ever since the 90’s when Air Jordan literally took the sport to new heights. Since then, professional players have gotten faster and more skilled and the game is more entertaining than it has ever been. This in turn has created more fans all over the world, and there are now more international NBA players and fans than ever before. This expansion has further increased the level of competition as many European players have brought a fast paced style to the league and helped make it the game it is today.

The Wonderful World of Fantasy BasketballWith the rise in popularity of fantasy sports over the last few years, it was only a matter of time before fantasy basketball took off as well. There are now more options than ever before, and getting involved is easy whether or not you have a lot of knowledge of the sport. Starting a fantasy basketball team doesn’t have to cost you anything, and just getting involved with friends and co-workers can be a fun experience all on it’s own. You may sign up just to be a part of the group only to realize how exciting this sport can be, especially with today’s talented superstars. You won’t believe what some of these guys can do.

There are various formats and leagues to get involved in, though these basic principles will apply to any fantasy basketball competition. In essence you are the general manager of your own ‘fantasy basketball’ team, and you compete against other managers in specific categories to decide the winner. Every league is different, but some of the most common categories are points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks. You pick a certain number of players, and their personal scores get compiled to accumulate your team’s fantasy statistics. Therefore it is up to you to pick the best combination of players to fill up your stat sheet and beat your opponent.

Kevin Love

Kevin Love is a fantasy beast!

There are daily and weekly fantasy basketball competitions to get involved with, and no, it doesn’t cost money. However, many sites will let you play for free and compete for great prizes! Other sites let you host your own league that you can run with friends. The point is that there are many fun ways to get involved and participate in fantasy basketball, and depending on your level of commitment, there is a fantasy basketball site just for you!

Winning in any fantasy sports league is both an art and a science. You could go blindly into any sports draft and simply pick the best ranked players that are available. By using this simple, yet effective, strategy you could put together a great looking team. However, in the world of sports things never seem to work out like they are supposed to, and every year there are surprises. Top guys get hurt and open the door for younger and unknown players, and if you happen to have one of these guys on your team, you have started to master the art of fantasy sports. At the end of the day you need a bit of luck to be the champion, but we all know that winners don’t need luck.

Author Bio: Mike Jones is a full-time sports blogger and freelance writer. He is crazy about fantasy sports in all its guises and thinks anyone who enjoys sports should give it a go!