Winners Focus On Long-Term Results

“If you do not win in the long run, it is not because your opponents are making too many mistakes; it is because you are.” – Small Stakes Hold’em: Winning Big Through Expert Play

Stop kidding yourself.  If you aren’t satisfied with your long-term results chances are you:

1. Don’t know how to play as well as your competition.
2. Don’t apply your knowledge as well as they do.
3. Have unrealistic expectations.
4. All of the above.

There are no other possibilities.  You may have been extremely unlucky, but the odds are against that.

Winners Foucs on Long-Term Results

Here’s what I hope you’ll learn from this quote…

To be a winner, you must emphasize making sound judgements based on the best information available to you. If your decisions are better than those of your opponents, you’ll win more championships in the long run.

There are more tips for focusing on long-term results in Alan N. Schoonmaker’s (PH.D.) – Poker Winners Are Different.  I’ve discussed several of the concepts on this blog that his book covers in extensive psychological detail.

I am very fortunate to have found Dr. Schoomaker’s work.  Not only have his teachings improved my mental edge in fantasy sports and poker, they’ve also helped me grow personally and professionally.

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