Why Go Pro?

Let’s face it.  You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t interested in the answer to the most critical question in fantasy sports:

How can I win more championships?

If you aren’t satisfied with your long-term results chance are you…

A. Do not know how to play as well as your competition
B. Do not apply your knowledge as well as they do
C. Have unrealistic expectations 
D. All of the above

There are no other reasonable possibilities.  You may have been extremely unlucky, but the odds are against that.

The truth is that nobody ever completely masters fantasy sports, and, if they did, their knowledge would become obsolete because the games change so quickly.

After years of getting my butt kicked, I realized it takes more than using the best rankings & statistics to become a better player.

Instead of creating another site that told people how to play without analyzing why, I decided to share my failures & the techniques I used to become a winner.

I’m not a fantasy expert or a psychologist.  My is Travis.  I’m a 31-year-old dude with a Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Miami who now applies his problem solving skills to the world of fantasy sports.


If you’re interested in improving your ability to think more logically about the mental aspects of fantasy sports, please check out the GoProFantasySports.com blog for the advice you need to gain an advantage on your competition!